Tiny Clouds Studio is a personal studio dedicated to puppet animation 
experimentation and studies.
September 2022

My aim was to elevate my animation practice by constructing a stop-motion table that would provide better support and ease of movement for the puppet. Given the current lack of funding, I made a resourceful decision to fashion a no-budget stop-motion table using found materials and repurposed items, ingeniously crafting a new tool to enhance my animation endeavors.
January 2023

I am working on a new short film, so i started creating a puppet prototype using aluminum wire, epoxy sculpt, and foam. My intention was to experiment with techniques and materials i didn't experiment with before, so I aimed to incorporate a 3D-printed head for the character. However, I encountered challenges with the dimensions, requiring further adjustments. To document my progress, I've compiled a brief video showcasing the process.
July 2023

After a year of not practicing, I felt the urge to enhance my animation skills. I used this unfinished puppet that had been intended for a short film, but due to unforeseen circumstances, the project was put on hold. Intrigued by the puppet's potential, I decided to take it upon myself to explore its capabilities. The primary objective of this endeavor was to test the puppet's movements and assess the compatibility between its skeletal structure and rig.
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