Hello my name is Amira El Badry, born in Cairo, Egypt 1992. I am an independent artist and a self employed stop-motion/puppet animator. I am currently a teaching assistant at the German University in Cairo (GUC), in the Media Design department, a department functioning under the auspice of the Faculty of Applied Arts and Sciences (FASA).
I create art in various mediums - mixed media photography, animation and illustration. My work was featured in online magazines such as CairoScene and Cairo Design Magazine and I was accepted in photography and illustration galleries, participating in events such as:
. the Salon of Youth exhibition 2015
. Africa Illustrated Tales 2016
. Roznama 5 2016
. Pictoplasma Face-off challenge in Berlin in 2018
. In addition I was chosen by a well known Egyptian artist, Sabah Naim, to join a private exhibition called Layers of Green in 2017. This exhibition took place in the Ubunto Art Gallery in Zamalek in Cairo.

I have a small space called Tiny Clouds Studio where I make my stop-motion animations, where you can find on Instagram and YouTube.
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