Hey! I'm Amira!

I'm a stop motion artist and writer for animation based in Cairo, Egypt. My story themes rotate around the human condition and the nature of emotions. I aim to create narratives that stand as a means of awareness to those who can’t make sense of their internal struggles, a narrative that finds commonalities between our external and internal world. 
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a visual summary of my education:

Sometimes I design and illustrate as a secondary role, sometimes I like to experiment with photography for the love of art, and recently I started blogging to test other forms of expression 
In 2016, I created a page called Tiny Clouds Studio, a studio that began in the corner of my bedroom that now grew into an independent space where I create films and animation experiments. You can find it here on Instagram
Featured work:
Cairo and The Natural laws of Wonderland | Cairo Design Magazine | 2015
Seclusion | CairoScene | 2016

Thoughts on Sun and Moon | Africa in Motion Festival | 2020

. The Salon of Youth exhibition 2015
. Africa Illustrated Tales 2016
. Roznama 5, 2016
. Pictoplasma Face-off challenge. Berlin, 2018
. Layers of Green, 2017. Ubunto Art Gallery in Zamalek in Cairo.
. Roznama 8, 2021
Thanks for visiting my website, I hope you enjoy it here
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