I had the privilege of collaborating with Megawra and Athar lina to curate a 10-day puppet animation workshop in July for 25 participants, as a part of an enriching summer school program for teenagers aged 14-16 residing in al-khalifa district within Historic Cairo. This captivating initiative centered on storytelling and puppet making, offering the participants an immersive experience in design thinking methodology, oral history, and storytelling techniques.

Our dedicated team of tutors from Megawra and the esteemed storyteller and performer, Cherine Al Ansary, guided the students throughout the month-long training program. This endeavor was made possible through the generous support of the Drosos Foundation, in collaboration with the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, under the supervision of the Ministry of Social Solidarity. Together, we aspired to impart valuable skills and inspire these young minds to appreciate and preserve their rich heritage, while fostering a passion for art, history, and storytelling.
This video serves as a summary of the workshop, capturing the participants' experience as they delved into the creative process of puppet and set creation.
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