Basics of Puppet Making for Stopmotion
I've received an invitation to conduct a workshop at the Animatex Animation Festival on September 1-2, 2023 in Alexandria. The workshop focused on the basics of puppet making for stop-motion animation. This intensive two-day session delved into the technicalities of crafting a puppet, covering aspects like the wire armature's mechanisms and the various materials that can be employed to create a flexible puppet convenient for animation
The photos above have been generously provided by 6 Bab Sharq
One of the participants puppet creation process
An Instagram reel summarizing the workshop's experience and the participants' progress
It was truly an enriching experience. I had the privilege of meeting remarkable individuals who crafted one-of-a-kind puppets. I'm immensely proud of their tireless dedication and hard work
Concluding the documentation of this remarkable experience, I feel deeply grateful for the invitation to Animatex and for being a part of it. Being welcomed as a guest to the main event was a true pleasure, and meeting Stuart Messinger, the esteemed course leader at the Aardman Academy, was undeniably one of the festival's highlights this year.
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